Escort booking

Questions and answers about escort booking

How do I know the availability of my desired escort girl?

Please contact us to know more about our escort girls availability. Our escort girls inform us on sunday about their availabilities for the next week.

How long in advance do I have to book an escort girl?

In any case – the sooner the better. Our escort girls need a lead time of few hours, provided that your desired escort girl is available and your date is in your girls residence. Over a longer distance the arrival will extend. 

How long in advance do I have to book an travel escort girl?

If you wish a travel companion, please request as soon as possible. Our escort girls in addition working full time in a company and need to request a holiday. 

Can I transfer the amount in advance?

We prefer cashless escort dates, because our escort girls would love to focus only on you and do not want to care about the payment. You can transfer the amount to our bank account. Please contact us to get the Bank details. 

Can I call the escort girls in advance?

You can not reach our escort girls via phone call, SMS or similar way. Privacy and anonymity is very important to our escort girls and hence is not desired. Our escort girls pay a commission to us in order that we manage and organize their escort dates. We will forward your request to your desired escort girl.

Are the photos of the escort girls real?

Our escort girls photos you see on this website are 100% real and no more than 6 month. If our escort girls change in hairstyle or body measurements, we will update her profile. 

Why do I need to state my personal details?

We really care about our escort girls safety. Our duty as an escort agency is to make sure our escort girls are safe. For one part it is a security measure , of the other part we avoid falsely bookings. Your data will treated confidentially and not provided to third parties for commercial uses. Only your desired escort girl will know the meeting point and you nickname or real name. 

I have to cancel my escort date - what next?

Please inform us in a timely manner, if you have to cancel your escort date. In case of a cancellation within 24 hours, your escort girl receives a compensation amounting to 30% of the rate. If your escort girl is already on the way, in addition she will get the occurring travel expenses. You can see the rates of our escort girl here. 

Which company name will be on my invoice?

Currently payments by credit card are not possible. You can transfer the amount by bank transfer in advance. Upon request you get our bank details.

When I do have to make a down payment?

A down payment is necessary, if you are a new client and you want to book an escort girl out of her residence. You are a new client when you just had less than 2 bookings. After your third booking you do not have to make a down payment for up to 16 hours and you will enjoy the member status. 

Is absolute discretion guaranteed?

Our escort girls conclude a contract with us. The contract ensures absolute discretion. Our escort girls and Save the Date Escort are bound to secrecy. We will inform your desired escort girl only about your wishes, meeting point and duration of your Date. Your personal data will nit passed on third parties – We are committed to this pledge. 

Can I visit the escort girls?

No. Our escort girls do only outcalls. Incalls disagree with our philosophy. If you are in a hotel, our escort girls could check in before you arrive. 

Do the escort girls carry out regular health checks?

Our escort girls visit the doctor regularly. Physical integrity is our highest bid. Escort girls have to submit health checks at latest every 3 month.

May I express wishes for outfits?

Our escort girls are happy to visit you in your desired outfit. To make your decision more simplify, you can choose between business, casual, elegant and sexy. Read more about outfits in our Blog. 

What are the fees for an escort duo date?

If you would like to have fun in a threesome, the escort girls get their fee that is listed here Please contact us, if you wish an escort duo date, so that both of your desired escort girls will be available for you. 


Pay attention during the escort date to…

How does payment in cash be made?

If you did not transfer the amount in advance, please present your beloved escort girl the cash in a envelope at the beginning of your date. You can ask for counting in your presence. Please note, that the cash is Euro.

Are there any questions that are taboo during the escort date?

We pray for not embarrassing our escort girls by private questions about their real identity or residence. Our escort girls care about their privacy like you do.

May I extend my current escort date?

You can extend your escort date at any time if your escort girl wants to stay with you. If your escort girl does not need to do her main job in the next morning, you can have breakfast with her and more. Please, hand the amount of the extension out before the next hour start.

After your escort date

Can I give a feedback about my date?

You can give us a feedback about your date. We will forward your feedback to the escort girl. Feedbacks will not be published. We want to keep your sensual adventure confidential.

How do I become a member of Save the Date Escort and what advantages I will derive?

After two successfully bookings you will get the member status. You will receive log in details to see our escort girls faces und their private areas.