"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."



We consider ourselves as an escort agency of a special kind. Our overall goal is to bring people together who share same sexual preferences and feel pleasure or enthusiasm for things they greatly enjoy. We will make your world better and we will give you a real girlfriend for a period.


Discretion & Confidentiality


Authenticity & Credibility


Personality & Confidence

Discretion and Confidentiality

One of our biggest concern is confidentially of our escort girls and customers. We protect our escort girls and customers privacy. Our escort girls are contractually agree to keep silent about your person and your escort date. We will not pass your personal details along. 

Our most important point is the safety of our escort girls. We  may ask you to verify your identity and provide your details for our escort girls safety. If you want a home visit and we do not already know you, please send us a copy of your ID card. We hope for your understanding

Authenticity and Credibility

We keep an eye on your both preferences to give you a guarantee for a romance you are looking for. It does no matter if you want an accompaniment or eroticism. 

We always select applicants meticulously. Besides above average attractive appearance, we focus on higher education and language skills. We enjoy a cooperation with our escort girls for a long time and our aim is a reunion with clients. So we are far from sending you deceptive images or information.Authenticity and Credibility.

Personality and Confidence

Learn more about our escort girls inside the private area. In the private area escort girls describe their personal experiences, impressions from travels or special moments in life. You will have therefore a more meaningful first impression. You will get the possibility to realize similarities and harmonies between you and an escort girl.