Spanking Basics & No-Gos

In the hidden world of desire and passion, there is a practice that blurs the lines between pain and pleasure: An ancient art known as spanking. This fascinating form of intimacy, often found in the shadowy realm of BDSM, invites lovers to embark on a journey full of intensity and trust.

In this blog post, we'll take you by the hand and guide you through the necessary steps to transform this spicy sexual preference into an enriching experience for you and your spanking partner. Our brilliant High Class Escort Service will explain in detail how to gently start the conversation, set the right signs, and ensure that every lover feels completely comfortable with spanking.

What is Spanking?

Spanking: A slap on the buttocks as a universal language of affection? At least in certain circles, one might think so! After all, spanking refers to the tender and playful hitting with the hand or objects on the clothed or bare buttocks and adjacent body parts.

When it comes to spanking, some may think of the strict hand of discipline or, alternatively, a completely different type of "adult education". Either way, spanking has a long history and is found in the most diverse cultures. But what makes it fascinating, and why do we talk about it today with a wink?

Spanking is, so to speak, the gourmet version of the classic slap on the butt. We're not talking about the old-fashioned "go to bed without supper as punishment" variety, but rather a sensual game that moves somewhere between "Oh, la la!" and "Ouch, but please do it again!" It's a bit like salt in chocolate, sounds strange at first, but the combination has surprisingly many fans.

What makes spanking so fascinating?

Let's start with the obvious: Spanking isn't for everyone. While some blush at the thought (and not just metaphorically), for others, it's a playful, even romantic gesture. It's the kind of romance that might not appear in every love movie, but certainly wins its Oscar in some bedrooms.

So, what's the secret behind the fascination with spanking?

Well, it usually starts with a little tingling. Not the kind when you stand up too fast, but the kind you feel when exploring territory outside your comfort zone. A bit like a rollercoaster ride, only here you leave the safety belts behind and instead bring trust and a safe word.

In the erotic context, a slap on the buttocks becomes an art form, a non-verbal poetry between you and your luxurious escort model. It's a dialogue without words, an exchange of energy and intimacy that accelerates the pulse and reddens the cheeks - and not just those on the face. A well-timed spanking can provoke a range of reactions: from a surprised squeal to a satisfied sigh, depending on the mood and preferences of the participants.

Top 3 Must-Knows for safe and enjoyable spanking

  1. Communication is key in spanking. Clearly discuss beforehand what you like and what you don’t, and then pay close attention to the reactions of your escort lady. Start gently and be attentive to her non-verbal signals. Act thoughtfully – hasty actions can quickly backfire... After all, it’s not about punishing for a breach of household peace because the trash wasn’t taken out again. Rather, it’s a consensual, often humorous element between client and escort lady, playfully exploring the boundaries of the ordinary. It's a bit like tickling – only here, instead of laughter, there might be a little sighing.
  2. When it comes to spanking, it’s essential to find the right measure so it becomes pleasant for both you as a client and for an escort model. The focus should ideally be on the buttocks. This area is well cushioned and rich in nerve endings. Therefore, the buttocks of your delightful dream woman are the optimal target for such stimuli. Here, an intense experience can be achieved without taking unnecessary risks. Spanking also offers a variety that puts many a menu to shame. From the light touch, which is more of a caress, to the vigorous slap that sets monuments for a week – the intensity and meaning can be as individual as the people practicing it. There are seminars, workshops, and even YouTube tutorials that show that behind a seemingly simple slap, there can be a whole science.
  3. When it comes to spanking, it’s like a minefield: There are certain zones that are better left unentered – or in this case, untouched. We’re talking about the infamous "no-go zones". Anyone engaging in the sensual game of spanking should know that there are areas that should be treated with the same caution as one would not scare a sleepwalker.


Firstly, the kidney area: A zone so sensitive that even the thought of a slap there makes one cringe. The kidneys, after all, are not shock absorbers. Then we have the inner thighs – an area that might be less dangerous, but is just as delicate. A slap here can feel like walking barefoot over Lego.

Then we have the inner thighs again – an area that is less dangerous, but just as delicate. A slap here can feel like walking barefoot over Lego.

Thirdly, the joints are another no-go area. Anyone thinking of giving a knee or an elbow a loving slap should remember that joints offer about as much protection as a piece of paper in a duel. Joints are meant to keep us mobile, not serve as targets for spanking adventures.

And lastly: The spine, the literal backbone of our body. A hit here can provoke more than just an "Ouch". The spine is the home of our nerve pathways, and a misstep here can lead to an unplanned trip to the land of a thousand twitches. So, if you want to give your partner a loving slap, remember: The spine is not a xylophone, and we are not virtuosos who play on it.

In spanking, the goal is to provide pleasure, not an anatomical lesson on "Where does it hurt the most?"

Remember: Spanking is like a good meal – it's all about the right ingredients and the right preparation. And, as with any good recipe, there are certain ingredients – that is, body parts – that you'd better not throw into the pot.

Hitting the face(?)

For many, it remains a fantasy, but the true adventurers among spanking enthusiasts even dare to slap their sub in the face. This requires a lot of sensitivity and sophistication. Especially in the head region, it is important to be gentle!! In any case, express your preferences for face spanking in advance to ensure that you do not cross the boundaries of the escort lady. If your muse is open to such experiences, a good start would be to lightly touch her neck. Then pause and wait for the reaction of your love messenger. If she obviously enjoys the light pressure on her throat, then you may most likely grab a bit firmer. Intensify the pressure in several stages. This way, you build trust and can slowly work your way up to the face. Start now with a gentle slap and observe the reaction of your amorous companion. Deepen the game with a bit of dirty talk, asking her if she likes it or wants it more intense. Remain patient and proceed step by step.

How to safely integrate toys into the spanking game

Spanking can be an exciting addition to your sex life, especially with the use of toys or other objects. Here too, it is important to always be careful and ensure that everything is discussed in advance with your partner or escort model. Test the toy on yourself first to get a feel for its strength and effect. No matter which toy you choose, always start gently and gradually increase the intensity. Our top escort agency will show you which toys are well received and which ones you should avoid.

Top Toys for Spanking


Paddles, whether made of leather, wood, or plastic, offer the ideal broad and flat surface for a controlled and satisfying spanking experience. The intensity can be easily adjusted, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced spanking enthusiasts.


A flogger is somewhat the Swiss Army knife among spanking instruments. Equipped with a handle and a multitude of soft strands, usually made of leather. It's excellent for spanking because it allows for a wide range of sensations. From gentle caressing to intense strikes, without a high risk of injury. The intensity can be easily adjusted, making it suitable for both newcomers and seasoned users. The distribution of the strike over several strands softens the impact, offering an intense yet safe experience.


They deliver a sharper, more focused slap and are thus more suitable for those who already have experience with spanking. The narrow surface allows for precise strikes that can elicit an intense reaction.

Flop Toys for Spanking


Anything that can cut or leave deep bruises should be absolutely avoided. Safety first! Using such items in the bedroom could quickly turn "Fifty Shades of Grey" into "Fifty Shades of A&E" (emergency room). Rule number one: If it looks like it could slice a piece of cheese, it does not belong in the bedroom.


Then we have hard objects without flexibility. Yes, these might theoretically be interesting if you're at a medieval torture chamber party, but in real life? Not so much. There's a reason people like soft, flexible things – they're comfortable. Using a hard, inflexible "tool" for spanking is a bit like trying to cuddle with a brick. It usually ends in bruises.


Although it can be tempting to improvise, it's important to know that not all household items are safe for spanking. Some can cause uneven strikes or are too hard and inflexible. The kitchen might indeed be a treasure trove for improvised toys (cucumbers, anyone?), but just because you can use something doesn't mean you should. Always remember: Just because it fits in the blender doesn't mean it's fun. And a vacuum cleaner is great for house cleaning, but for intimate games? Let's rather not ;D

Fancy an escort model with a penchant for spanking?

As you can see, spanking is more than just hitting the buttocks. It's a profound game of power and submission, a dance between dominance and surrender. For many, it's an escape from the mundane, an opportunity to feel completely free in a space of absolute safety and mutual respect. An escort model with a preference for spanking is your ticket to the end-game!

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